Sharp's Saddlery

Basket Stamp with Border Canteens, Cowboy & Cowgirl

Basket Stamp Canteen A
Design A
This Basket Stamp is an old west cowboy favorite for your leather canteen. Shown above in russet leather with black 6-plait edge braiding.

Basket Stamp Canteen B
Design B
An Old West favorite basket stamp canteen with more of a cowgirl flare. Shown above in russet leather with white 6-plait edge braiding and burgundy leather side.

Basket Braid Canteen
Design C
Basket Braid Canteen with Open Center Basket Stamp for Personalization. Open center basket stamp canteen shown above in chestnut leather.
Personalized Canteen
Design C, Personalized
Personalized canteen with open center basket stamp shown above in brown leather.Basket stamp leather canteen with a different look and a great spot for your personalization! This 2 qt. canteen is available in black, brown, chestnut, or russet leather.
Western Cowboy Canteens
Design D
Barb Wire & Basket Stamp Canteen
Sharp's Basket Stamp Canteen is a Traditional western cowboy design basket stamp canteen with a bit of barbwire. Shown above in brown leather, the basket stamp canteen is also available in chestnut, russet, or black leather.
Please specify which canteen design you'd like when you order Sharp's Basket Stamp canteen.
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