Sharp's Saddlery

Custom Hand-Tooled Designs and Personalized Canteens
Any canteen can be personalized with a name, monogrammed with initials, carved with your Ranch's Brand or a custom hand tooled (your own) design.

Hand Tooled Tree Canteen
Nature lovers canteen hand tooled evergreen tree shown using a "range mark" in the leather, we used it for a unique 1 of a kind canteen, or we can tool a tree or two on slick leather if you choose
Western Brand Canteen.
Western brand leather covered canteen. Brand is painted black with black stitching. Leather color is russet with black lace. Tie down dee and strap are black leather.
Ranch Brand Canteen
Ranch Brand Canteen custom made to match
Wade Western Draft Saddle

Personalized Canteen
Custom Red, White & Blue Braiding
on Double Barb Wire Design

Business Logo Canteen
Business Logo on Plain Canteen

Alaska Canteen
Alaska Flag & Map
on Ruff-Out Canteen

 Canteen with Cross
Cross on Plain Canteen

Octopus Canteen
Octopus on Plain Canteen

Tree of Life
Tree of Life

Ranch Brand Canteen
Barb Wire Lazy Horseshoe & Ranch Brand
Shamrock Canteen
This fun shamrock canteen for those with a bit O'Irish!

Sharp's Hand Tooled Leather Canteens are canteens that tell a story, make a statement, or are totally you.

Please see individual canteen design webpages (click the Canteens button below) for more examples of names, initials, monogrammed, and ranch brand personalized canteens which can be ordered on our order form.

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