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Sharp Custom Knives with Leather Sheaths
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Brass Eagle
Brass Eagle Knife
Brass & Silver Eagle
Brass & Sterling Silver Eagle Knives
Sterling Silver Eagle
Silver Eagle Knife
Alaska Skinner
Alaska Skinner
Drop Point Skinning Knife
Drop Point Skinner Knife
Cowgirl Knife
Cowgirl Skinner Knife
Skinning Knife
Skinning Knife
Cowboy Knife
Cowboy Skinner
Deer Horn Knife
Deer Horn Knife
Saddlebags Knife
Saddlebags with
Custom Knife & Sheath
Custom Boot Knife
Custom Boot Knife
Skinning Knife
Skinning Knives
Custom Knife A
Custom Knives A & B
Custom Knife C
Custom Knife C
Custom Knife D
Custom Knife D
Custom Belt Knife
Custom Knife E
Custom Knife
Custom Knife F
All-Purpose Knives
All-Purpose Knives
Hunting Sheath & Knife
Hunting Sheath
with Custom Knife
Deer Horn
Deer Horn Knife
Custom Kitchen Knife
Kitchen Knives
Folder Knife
Folder Knife Repair
Heirloom Knives
Heirloom Knives
Knife File Work
Knife File Work
Knife Patterns
Sharp custom knives are all custom made using ATS-34 stainless steel.
The thickness of your custom handmade knife can be 1/8, 5/32 or 3/16.
Sharp's custom knives are all heat treated in our shop to a Rockwell hardness of 59 - 61.
We start your custom knife by cutting the rough shape of your knife doing a flat grind and placing the holes for the pins. Your custom knife is then hollow ground, polished and fit with handles. You can also order your custom handmade knife with beautiful file work.
Handle materials can be micarta, many colors of laminated woods, natural woods, synthetic polyester pearls, organics such as mother of pearl, bone and ivory.
Sharp knives come in many designs, sizes and shapes. I make hunting knives, skinning knives, utility knives, bowie knives, kitchen knives, knives for the outdoorsman, hunter and even ladies, a knife for your saddle, a boot knife etc.
Your custom handmade knife comes with a quality leather sheath. Our Sharp leather knife sheaths come in many styles and leather colors. We can hand stamp or tool a design in your leather sheath or personalize your knife sheath with initials.
Every knife and leather knife sheath is made by Clay Sharp so you are assured that both knife and leather sheath are a quality product from beginning to end. Clay Sharp custom knives and sheaths are NOT made from blanks or kits.

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