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Custom Leather Survival Rifle Sling

Survival Rifle Sling
Survival Rifle Sling
Survival Rifle Sling

Survival Rifle Gun Sling

Survival Rifle SlingMultiple purpose survival gun sling has 12 feet of paracord that can be easily removed in case of emergency. Sharp's innovative gun sling also has pouch for fire starter that is INCLUDED in case you need to build a fire. Shown in camo leather with ruff-out back and black Talon ends and brass hardware on the adjustable strap. You can order Sharp's survival gun sling in our 4 leather colors, choose either brass or stainless steel hardware, and either hunter green or black paracord. For stainless steel Talon ends please add 15.00. Sharp's survival gun sling has memory foam padding for comfort. Quality USA leather and expert craftsmanship.


Please tell us your choices in the instructions text field when you order.

<Open view of pouch with included firestarter.

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