Sharp's Saddlery

Custom Leather Web Tablet & E-Reader Cases, Personalized
Corner Basket Stamp Design

Tablet Case
Tablet Case Inside
Inside View, Small Tablet Case with Padded Easel
Zippered case , 7 5/8" high by 5 1/2" wide
Tablet Case Inside
Inside View, Large Tablet Case with Custom Leather Pocket
Zippered case, fits devices up to 10" high by 7 1/2" wide

Shown above, Personalized Tablet or E-Reader Case in Chestnut Leather with Corner Basket Stamp
Features a sturdy zipper, available in russet, chestnut, brown, or black leather.
Can be customized or personalized with your name, initials, ranch brand or company logo.
Small Tablet or E-Reader Case with easel fits devices up to 7" high.
Large E-Reader or Tablet Case with custom pocket and stylus sleeve fits devices up to 10" high. Special order only, please e-mail or call Sharp's Leatherworks at (541) 263-2576

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