Sharp's Saddlery

Leather Hand Tooled Custom Design Business Logo Portfolios
Custom Personalized Leather Portfolios

Business Logo Portfolios

Air Force Portfolio

Business Logo Portfolios
Hand Tooled Personalized Portfolio
Business Logo Portfolios
Feather Concho Portfolio
Personalized Portfolio
Personalized Leather Portfolios
Leather Portfolio
Business Logo Portfolios
Shown above: Custom Tooled Business Logo Portfolios, Personalized Leather Portfolios
Available in Russet, Chestnut, Brown, or Black Leather.
The photos above show designs for legal size leather notepads, although some photos are of our smaller leather notepads. The actual designs are the same for both the legal-size leather portfolios and the smaller matching notepad covers
Custom Business Logo Leather Portfolios are made by special order only. Please inquire.
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