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Mule Endurance Western Saddle

Endurance Western Saddle

Endurance Western Saddle

This lightweight mule saddle is not just for endurance riding! For those who want a lightweight mule saddle this western style saddle is the ticket. Shown in brown USA leather tanned in the USA with solid brass hardware. Same quality materials and craftsmanship as in all Sharp equine products just lighter! Lighter yes but our Sharp mule tree saddle is still built on a QUALITY wood covered rawhide tree. The rawhide is what gives the mule tree strength. These are not cheap throw away saddles. You can get alot of good trailriding years out of this Sharp custom saddle. You can dress up your custom saddle with stamping or tooling or choose different stirrups. Add more rings or dees or personalize how you like. All leather color choices available. Hardware is either brass or stainless steel.

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