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Modified Association 1/2 Breed Mule Saddle

Modified Association Half Breed Saddle

Modified Association Half Breed Saddle

Mod Assoc 1/2 breed saddle, Russet USA leather, SS hardware, Trina Weber 3" Morans. Wood Post horn, tear drop shaped with mule wrap and OR cross-over rope strap. Seat/skirts/fenders ruff-out. Basket stamp finishes out this working mans rig. Matching britchen & breast collar. This saddle has special meaning! My quest for a name for our special palomino colt had me search out word meaning relating to the color gold. I saw the name PACO that means "gold eagle" in Native American culture. There it was! We were working on a saddle for a man named PACO in IA. Clay had just tooled his name in the back of the cantle before our colt was born. How perfect.
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