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This is what is included in your Sharp custom saddle:

Most tree styles i.e. Wade, Modified Association, Old Time Slick Fork, Will James etc.
Seat size 14" - 16"
3" Brass or Stainless steel Trina Weber Bell or Moran stirrups
Front Mohair/Alpaca roper cinch w/stainless steel hardware
Back cinch, 4" contoured
Latigo and 1/2 Breed (or latigo both sides)
Brass or Stainless steel conchos
Hamley twist
Your choice of our 4 Wickett & Craig USA leather colors
Your choice of either brass or stainless steel hardware
Breast collar dees
Real Bark tan wool
6 Oiled red latigo strings
Latigo and Cinch hanger

Base price is $3,995.00

Clay A. Sharp - Maker
Sharp's Saddlery is a FULL SERVICE shop offering saddle and tack repairs.

40 Amber Lane
Yerington, NV 89447

Phone: (541) 263-2576