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Saddlebags with Knife Sheath, Custom Knife and Pistol Holster

Saddlebags Knife
Saddlebags Knife

Custom knife and sheath inside flap of custom saddlebags. Pistol holster inside saddle bags (not shown) compartment. Brown USA leather with black accents. Crazy legs stamp and moose heads with custom moose tracks stamped on saddlebags. Stainless steel hardware with black accents. Saddlebags attach to the saddle with footman loops and a tab like the old calvary saddlebags and fit very secure. Security straps hold the gussets tight so when your equine gives a shake all your trail gear doesn't fly out. Gussets are sewn for extra strength so gussets don't sag over time. These saddlebags are quality heavy duty bags to last years. Please call to order.
These saddlebags were custom made to match a Draft Horse Saddle (click to view).

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