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Leather Laptop Computer Case Saddlebags

Leather Laptop Case

Laptop Case Saddlebags
These saddlebags are actually a high quality leather laptop computer case, fully padded for safely carrying your laptop, with the second saddlebag for plenty of room for your cords, batteries, charger and other accessories. Besides safekeeping for your laptop, these custom leather laptop case saddlebags are beautifully crafted with hand-tooled designs. This unique leather laptop case may be personalized with your initials, monogram, or ranch brand.

The leather laptop case saddlebags shown at left above are 12" wide x 13" deep x 3 1/2." They are crafted in brown leather with a ranch name, tooled business logo and initials. Leather laptop case saddlebags can be custom-made in the size you need for your laptop computer and accessories.

Leather laptop cases are available in browm, chestnut, russet, or black leather. Please call to order.
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