Stainless Steel Sports Bottle with Custom Leather Carrier
Basket Stamp Western Design
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Sports Bottle Russet Beautifully handcrafted and stamped with a basket stamp Western designs, this personalized sports bottle is unique in the sports bottle industry. The personalized sports bottle cover is made from top-quality leather, and the hand-stamped or hand-tooled designs will not peel, crack, or wear off as they do in other sports bottles. The sports bottle within the leather holder is food grade stainless steel, BPA-free and sanitary, unlike most plastics. A stainless steel sports bottle won't shatter, break, or crack like the materials in other sports bottles. Unlike most sports bottles, it can hold either hot or cold beveragesBasket Stamp Sports Bottle safely. Our sports bottle features a cap that screws on securely to eliminate leaks. The leather-covered sports bottles measures approximately 10" tall and 3" in diameter. This personalized sports bottle is designed to last and retain its original beauty for years!

Custom options for your sports bottle include a ring (also called a dee) in stainless steel or brass for hanging from a bike, saddle, belt, etc. There are four leather color choices for your sports bottle, russet, chestnut, brown, or black. You may choose to have your sports bottle personalized with your name, initials, ranch brand, company logo, or custom artwork. Please see our Canteens and Thermos Bottles (links above) for photos of some of the personalization and leather artwork we've done, and can do on your sports bottle. Many other hand-stamped designs are available in our sports bottle. Please click the Sports Bottle link above for more personalized sports bottle designs.
27 oz. Sports Bottle $75.
27 oz. Sports Bottle w/Metal Ring (Dee) $80.
27 oz. Sports Bottle w/3 initials or brand personalization $85.
27 oz. Sports Bottle w/Ring and Personalization $90.

This sports bottle is available
in four leather colors
Please specify the
color for your sports bottle
on the order form.
The russet leather sports
bottle is shown above.

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Chestnut Leather, Brown Leather, and Black Leather (left to right)
The leather colors above for sports bottles are intended to show the differences
in general hues and shading among leather colors. Your sports bottle color
may be slightly different due to variations in leather colors and screen colors.
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