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Thermos with Personalized Leather Cover
Basket Stamp

Thermos Basket Stamp Thermos Basket Stamp

Thermos Basket StampThermos Basket Stamp

Personalized Thermos

Russet Leather 

Brown Leather

Russet Leather

For the serious coffee drinker the "Sharp" leather thermos pouch for the trail. Fits on the rear billet or with the handy dee. Comes complete with thermos. Click the Order button below to order personalized with initials or plain. Holds appx cup n' a half of cowboy coffee!

This personalized leather thermos cover will add a western flair to your camping and backpacking equipment or picnic ware. It makes a great thermos tote for any type of trail riding, including bicycles, motorcycles, and sandrails. $175.00

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